“We’ve had nothing but great experiences with Buffalo. They’re always incredibly nice, professional, and helpful. Most recently, we had a troublesome door lock that we finally decided to replace. They took the info on the key over the phone when I made the appointment, and upon his arrival their technician replaced the lock within 20 minutes. We didn’t even have to re-key. They’re the best!” – Luke W., Google Review, Boulder, CO

Luke Walch, Boulder CO

“Can’t say enough about Cindy and the rest of the staff here. I lost my car keys snowboarding at Eldora and they went above and beyond to get me a new set, driving all the way up from Boulder even though it was dumping snow.” – chillin80424

Google Review

“I live in Fort Collins but I always drive down to Buffalo Lock and Key for any lock work, even something as simple as a key cut. I have never experienced anything but superb customer service and incredibly knowledgeable employees. Buffalo always has the top of the line in security! I have a fire proof safe from them as well as an electronic front lock, both of which have been incredibly durable. I would recommend Buffalo 10/10 times. Keep up the good work, guys!” – Jennifer, Boulder County.

Jennifer, Boulder County

“I have been here for car keys, house keys, and I’ve used them to re-key all the apartments I’ve lived in. I have also purchased a gun safe here and it has all be absolutely amazing. The staff are knowledgeable and ready to help you in all of your lock and key needs. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.” – Kyle T., Boulder County.

Kyle T., Boulder County

“I had them install a deadbolt at my home, and then re-key all the locks. They did a good job of keeping in touch leading up to my appointment, arrived on time, and did a thorough and clean job in a reasonable amount of time.” – Allen S., Boulder, CO

Allen S., Boulder CO

“I live and die by Yelp so after seeing only one review for this locksmith, and a negative one at that, I felt like I was taking a chance. I did so because everyone in town told me to use Buffalo Lock & Key. I’m glad I did. I asked them to come out to my house and rekey the locks. The locksmith noticed that I had replaced one of the locks myself recently and told me she could make use of that fact to save me money. She even rotated the lock cylinders so that the oldest one would be on the least-used door. I also asked her to fix locks that I wasn’t sure could be fixed, such as one painted in the locked position by careless painters and another that looks like it’s 100 years old. She did a great job and got everything working 100%. I couldn’t be more pleased with the experience.” – David B., Boulder, CO

David B., Boulder CO

“These guys are awesome, I arrived 2 mins after they were to close and let me in. I had a key break off in the lock that AM and needed a new one. They got me a new key in 2 mins and I was on my way. My original time with them was quick and easy, I highly recommend them.” – Greg K., Boulder, CO

Greg K., Boulder, CO

“Excellent customer service, I was in the need of a motorcycle key really badly, and when I walked up I saw they had just closed, as I walked a way the owner got out of her car and asked what I needed. I told her and she went out of her way to go back inside to make the key for me. Very friendly, and definitely have my service if I am in need again. Excellent, most definitely recommended.” – Keegan C., Boulder, CO

Keegan C., Boulder, CO

“Saved my day! After locking my keys in the car, the locksmith got here fast and got me on my way for a reasonable price. He was friendly and professional. I highly recommend them!” – Amy K., Louisville, CO

Amy K., Louisville, CO

“I chose Buffalo to make some new custom keys for three file cabinets. They made the new keys in just a few minutes for a very reasonable price. The first two keys worked perfectly in their respective cabinets. The third key didn’t work – I simply could not turn the lock, and I thought that maybe the lock was broken. The next day, I hauled the locked cabinet over to Buffalo and left it there for the locksmith to look at. He quoted me around $75 for drilling out and replacing the old lock, plus labor. I thought, well, they’ve gotta do what they’ve gotta do, right? So I said OK and left. A few hours later the locksmith called me back and said that there was nothing wrong with the old lock, and that he didn’t need to do any work. I came back and he showed me a new key which worked for the lock. He didn’t charge me anything for looking at the cabinet or making the new key, and even made me a second key, also for free! Awesome service, helpful employees, fast turnaround… what more can I say? I highly recommend Buffalo and will come back here for all my future lock and key needs.” – Andre J., Boulder, CO

Andre J., Boulder CO